Direct transport

It is about 2.5 hours’ drive and 30RMB by the express bus leaving every hour from Guilin Bus Terminal to Longsheng Bus Terminal. There are some local mini buses at the roundabout outside the terminal to the parking lot of Ping’an Village and Jinkeng Village at about 10RMB 1hour. From the parking lot you need to climb up to the Rice Terraces.

Local direct bus

It is also possible to take the shuttle bus at about ¥50 direct from Guilin to Ping’an and Jinkeng. Pickups are typically from the Guilin railway station. But it is difficult to find the shuttle buses on your own as it is not regular bus and no English sight. Admission: 50RMB/pax.

From the begining of 2017 years ,the fleet of Longji begin to supply the direct bus service from Guilin、Guilin North or Guilin West、Yangshuo to Dazhai and Guilin to Ping'an

Direct bus

Guilin from Dazhai parking area

Departure time:


leave from near Guilin Train Station

50RMB/person ,it take around 2.5 hour

Guilin North or Guilin West

Departure time:


Guilin North

leave from the parking of Guilin North(in front of the exit)

Guilin West

stop at the bus stop where in front of Guilin West

65RMB/person,it take around 3 hour,alway need to arrange 2 transfer docking

Yangshuo to Dazhai or Ping'an

Depature time

8:30am and 13:30pm

leave from the parking of Yangshuo North Bus Station take around 4-4.5 hour,70RMB/person

the price include:from Yangshuo to the entrance of Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area,a tourist bus, from entrance to Dazhai or Ping'an ,change a minibus

Dazhai to Guilin、Guilin North or Guilin West

Departure time:


leave from the parking of Dazhai,the price from Dazhai to Guilin,50RMB/person,2.5 hour ;to Guilin North or Guilin West,65RMB/person,around 3 hour.

Dazhai to Yangshuo


leave from Dazhai parking area to Yangshuo North Bus Station,around 4-4.5 hour ,70RMB/person.

Guilin to Ping'an

Departure time:


leave from the parking of Guilin Train Station in Guilin city,50RMB/person,around 3 hour.

Ping'an to Guilin


leave from the parking of Ping'an village ,take around 3 hour ,50RMB/person.

The above information is for reference only, please contact the specific departure time

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